Raspberry Pi: New extension connects the handicraft computer with Lego motors

With a new additional board, the Raspberry Pi can now also be used to control the Lego motors and sensors. So that you can get started right away, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has also published a suitable Python library and several demo projects.

The add-on board, dubbed Build Hat, enables the control of up to four Lego Technic motors or spike sensors from the Lego Education range. The board costs around 26 euros at German retailers and can be used with all Raspberry Pi variants that have a GPIO bar with 40 connectors. The Build Hat can also be connected to the small desktop computer Raspberry Pi 400 using a suitable adapter .

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also introduced a new power adapter as an optional accessory. It provides enough power to power the Raspberry Pi, the Build Hat, and any associated Lego Technics motors. The price for the power cable in Germany is around 16 euros.

With the so-called Maker Plate, which is sold as part of the Lego Education Set Spike Prime Expansion, there is also a holder to integrate the Raspberry Pi into a Lego construction. According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, this is not absolutely necessary.

Raspberry Pi: New Python library for budding Lego hackers presented

To make it easier to get started with programming Lego devices, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has also presented a suitable Python library. Anyone who has already worked with other Raspberry libraries should be able to find their way around quickly. In addition to Lego Technic devices, the library also supports the Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit and other Lego products that rely on an LPF2 connection.

To help you get started, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has also published four instructions for demo projects. Here you will learn how to make a game controller from Lego components, build a remote-controlled vehicle from Lego components, assemble a robot face from Lego bricks, or how to use the blocks and motors of the Danish toy manufacturer to build a simple plotter.

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