Razer takes care of the health of esports athletes

Razer, known as a manufacturer of gaming computers, peripherals, and accessories, has announced the launch of its “Championship Starts Inside” wellness program. This program aims to promote healthy lifestyles in the esports environment. By partnering with psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and other experts and providing resources in the form of articles, videos, contacts, and events, Razer expects to help develop the right behaviors for esports athletes - both professionals and amateurs. According to the company, they will be able to turn to these readily available resources and improve their level of play through good physical and mental fitness.

Citing data from Newzoo, the company says global esports revenue will surpass $ 1 billion this year. Attracted by the prospect of recognition and ever-growing prizes in tournaments in numerous competitive games, esports athletes often neglect mental and physical health and go to the limit of the body's capabilities. As a result, the average age of retirement for cyber sportsmen is about 25 years, which is less than that of those who practice traditional sports. Among the reasons for early retirement from sports are often physical trauma and stress as a result of malnutrition and irregularity.

The Razer program focuses on four key areas: physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. Along with the publication of articles and videos with tips and tricks on how to take care of your physical and mental health, meetings and discussions with specialists are scheduled, and one-on-one access to Razer expert partners through the appointment system, webinars and wellness seminars during game activities. In addition, Razer products are designed with ergonomics in mind to help you stay fit and reduce stress while playing.

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