Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric: Electric revolution unveiled


As we already anticipated with the eVision, Renault will transform its popular model into a 100% electric vehicle halfway between an SUV and a coupe and we already have it even without camouflage thanks to this render

The coming out of the new Renault of Luca De Meo left us two interesting developments of what is to come within the French group. One of them was the now-famous Renault 5 Prototype that caused a sensation and another, materialized on the same stage was the Renault Mégane eVision, a curious revolution of the popular French compact to welcome electrification, with the new CMF-EV platform and a design halfway between a crossover and a coupe.

Ultimate look uncovered

After the announcement, a few months passed until our spies were able to hunt down the final production version in northern Sweden with a camouflaged specimen that largely maintains the shapes of the concept seen last February when De Meo himself announced that 95 percent of what was seen than would be in the production version that will begin to be built at the end of this year. It was earlier this month that Renault showed us the first images of the exterior and interior of the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric with its final appearance fully exposed. Then the only thing that covered all his features was only a thin and striking camouflage layer, but now we can see it definitively and without any type of filter thanks to this new render.

Thus, with its design completely exposed by the hand of the image created by TopElectricSUV colleagues, we can confirm that, indeed, from the Renault Mégane eVision to this Mégane E-Tech Electric shown in a pre-production version there will not be too many differences. We find ourselves with a car that has gained a certain volume compared to the compact of all life, but that stands out for a modern front with fine optics, fused with the new Renault rhombus through a horizontal sheet, while its rear is presented with a sporty appearance with a smooth tailgate in which the letters of the model stand out, with the 'E' painted in yellow color in reference to its electric nature, as well as some stylized pilots that are joined by a thin strip of led lights with the new logo of the French brand also present.

Although the most striking thing here is the sporty fall of its small rear window, quite covered by its marked spoiler that gives that coupe touch to this electric crossover. It remains to be seen if Renault will also bet on its production version for those intense contrasting yellow tones on the bumpers, roof, and part of the wheels shown in this recreation.

Renault has also recently offered images of its new interior, with two large screens, one of them touch and tablet, which will act as a digital instrument panel and infotainment system. Between them is a hole to store the car card, that is, the key that will be used to open and close the vehicle, as well as to start the electric powertrain. You can also see a physical button panel and several holes to leave different objects, without forgetting a space reserved for wireless charging of the phone.

With 450 km of autonomy and 217 hp

At the level of dimensions, it will be, despite what it may seem, compact, with about 4.21 m, although according to De Meo it will be more spacious than its competitors. It will be born from the CMF-EV platform of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, so it will have a very similar base to that of the current Nissan Ariya with a compact 60 kWh battery that will not alter its dimensions too much and that will allow it to reach an autonomy of 450 km WLTP. It will also be water-cooled, allowing loads of 130 kW without problems to recover 260 km in half an hour. It will also support smart charging and connecting the vehicle to the grid to take advantage of peak and off-peak hours to offer and obtain electricity in the most profitable way.

On a mechanical level, this electric Megane will have a single front engine with a power of 217 HP (160 kW), enough to make a 0 to 100 km / h in "less than 8 seconds". The same cannot be said for the maximum speed, as Renault appears to be planning to reduce it to 180 km / h, according to Luca de Meo himself. However, its CMF-EV platform will allow the installation of an additional rear engine for the more performance versions that may arrive under the Alpine / Renault Sport seal and which are expected to reach 400 hp.

Start your road tests this summer

The already fully uncovered presentation of this pre-series unit serves as the starting point for the first tests of the model on roads open to the public. A task that will fall on the 30 units that Renault has built in the Douai factory for these tests, all of them with this special camouflage that plays with the lines of the new Renault diamond in white, black, and lime.

Objective: Fight the market with the VW ID.3

Renault will take advantage of its long experience already in electric vehicles such as the Renault Zoe and its alliance with Nissan and its Leaf to bring to fruition this new model that will begin to be produced as we say in the last blows of this year to be officially launched at the beginning of 2022 , with the aim of competing with the best cards against rivals such as the Volkswagen ID.3 , with a price that will start at approximately 35,000 euros. It will be one of the first models to emerge from this new era of the diamond signature.

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