Renault trucks not interested to entering in Indian Market


There are few rumors are spreading past years that the Renault trucks will enter the Indian market. Some years before some media also reported that Renault will manufacture their trucks in Bengaluru along with their Volvo Trucks. Some media also reported that some authorities checked the manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru and Renault trucks will operate soon in India. The rumored vehicle that will enter the Indian market is Renault Magnum.

But rumors began in 2011, but till now none of the vehicles entered the Indian market.

In 2020 December, Follow This Trending World send an Email inquiry regarding the truth. The company responds to us that, there are no immediate plans for Renault Trucks to enter the Indian market. Volvo Group has already well installed in the country with the brands Eicher and Volvo Trucks.

Renault Trucks will continue to focus on the existing scope of sales focusing mainly on Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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