Renesas RAA2S425x: High-precision and cost-effective pressure measurement solutions for vehicles

Renesas RAA2S425x
Renesas RAA2S425x

Renesas Electronics has unveiled the RAA2S425x family of ICs for automotive pressure measurement systems. According to the manufacturer, these chips provide high-precision amplification and sensor-specific signal correction in automotive braking systems, transmissions, and HVAC systems. The RAA2S425x family is highly integrated with advanced digital and analog features that greatly simplify design and reduce manufacturing costs.

The RAA2S425x ICs support all major pressure measurement technologies and are equipped with a high-performance analog interface for signal conversion. They provide highly accurate pressure and temperature readings (0.35–1.0%) over a wide temperature range (–40 ° C to +150 ° C).

The RAA2S425x incorporates a 16-bit RISC microcontroller and non-volatile memory for storing calibration coefficients and configuration data. Digital calibration allows customers to reduce assembly costs by eliminating the need to adjust the sensing elements. The microcircuits comply with the functional safety requirements in ASIL-B vehicles defined by the ISO26262 standard.

The RAA2S425x chips are available in 4 x 4 mm QFN-24 packages. They are already available for order.

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