Researchers are developing a chameleon-shaped robot that changes color with every background


Researchers from Seoul National University have developed a robot that can change its color in real-time to match the background like a chameleon, and which can be used for camouflage purposes, especially military, and the robot was built in a small size, which is 1 foot 3 inches (38 cm) long and wide About six inches (15 cm) tall and weighs 2 pounds (0.9 kg).

And the footage of the chameleon robot shows that it is walking through a background of different colors and textures, which it studies using its sensors, and while crossing each bar, the parts on the robots gradually change to match, turning from orange and red to green and finally to blue.

Other applications of this technology may include creating flexible screens and making cars or buildings that can change color as desired by the user.

“The final form of this application will be invisible by blending it into the background,” said study researcher and mechanical engineer Song-Hwan Koo from Seoul National University in South Korea. It also actively opens the door to camouflage."

Achieving these capabilities technologically has long been a difficult feat, as artificial camouflage devices must be able to display a wide range of possible colors that can be changed on demand and reflect subtle background details.

But Professor Koo and colleagues studied this using a new strategy that combines thermal integrated liquid crystal layers with vertically stacked silver nanowire heating networks. The robot's built-in color sensors and feedback systems detect the local background color, then convert the skin color for matching.

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