Resident Evil will have perfumes to celebrate its 25 years


The festivities continue in one of Capcom's most beloved franchises: Resident Evil. Learn about the perfumes that were launched on the market on the occasion of the 25th anniversary

If you are a fan of Resident Evil and want to continue celebrating the 25th anniversary of this great franchise of survival horror video games, Capcom has good news for you.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Capcom announced at the Capcom Store a new series of perfumes inspired by the most iconic characters from Resident Evil, among many other commemorative products.

Do not worry, these commemorative perfumes will not smell like the monsters that appear in the stories, and neither will Lady Dimitrescu, these three perfumes are inspired by Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine, who are the protagonists of Resident Evil and were released in the Capcom Store on July 23, 2021. On scent, Capcom describes scents with an incense hue among other characteristics.

In the collection that bears the name of Capcom mini Perfume Collection ( Biohazard ), each bottle says in which character it is inspired, contains 10 milliliters of fragrance, they are limited edition and it is striking that for Chris Redfield's perfume they used the look of the character in Resident Evil 5 while for Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy they used the one from the last remakes that have been made.

According to Capcom, perfumes adjust to the situations and moods that users may have throughout the day.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that Capcom has launched perfumes on the market since in its store it has a wide variety of options from great sagas such as Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter, among many others.

At the moment it is known that Residen Evil perfumes will cost 6,380 yen (which is approximately $ 60) and it is not known if they will be available worldwide and Capcom, at the moment, has only announced them in the Capcom Store in Japan.

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