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The remake of Final Fantasy VII broke my heart a bit with its partial departure from the canonical story of the original game. But since then, I've spent dozens of hours discussing with other fans and absorbing Internet analytics, and I've come to the conclusion that new elements of the story can make sense if the creators can hook them up and not break the chain, as in their Kingdom Hearts series. Among other things, the latest DLC indicates where the second part of the remake will go on this site. However, in terms of its individual qualities, as in the case of the entire first part of the remake, it is an audiovisually wonderful and entertaining expedition, albeit a bit shorter. Of course, it also benefits from a technical upgrade for the PS5.

  • Platform: PS5

  • Date of issue: 10. 6. 2021

  • Manufacturer: Square Enix (Japan)

  • Genre: JRPG

  • Czech localization: no

  • Multiplayer: no

  • Download data: 9 GB

  • Game time: 7+ hours

  • Accessibility: 12+

  • Sales version: digital

  • Price: 429, - CZK ( PS Store )

Rural ninja

It sounds pretty awful, but who remembers the character of Yuffie from the original game knows that she is a young, somewhat naive, and impulsive warrior from the western land of Wutai, whose pagodas in the middle of the green form an almost perfect contrast to the steampunk metropolis called Midgar. . As part of the conflict between the two countries, Yuffie comes to Midgar to steal a brand new, ultimate matter that Shinra is reportedly secretly developing in her research lab. But Wutai has his scouts among the resistance group Avalanche, so he will find out about this new planned weapon in time.

For Yuffie, this mission is also a test of adulthood. From the beginning, she appears as a confident and determined fighter, however, not only her regular burying in an attempt to enter the fight theatrically indicates that she still has something to learn. On the other hand, her impressive juggling tricks with materials and attacks by a cross between a throwing star and a boomerang reveal talent and training. In addition, her exaggerated self-confidence and goofy humor contrast strongly with the tragic reality of Midgar, which will eventually fall on Yuffie herself as she delves deeper into the hopelessness of the lower parts of the city and the ruthless labyrinth of the Shinry war factory.

For Yuffie, this mission is also a test of adulthood.

The story of this addition is not easy, because in a relatively short area of ​​two chapters he has time to introduce a new character, add new supporting characters to the party, let them all go through some development, and finally not only capitalize on the final but also connect to the end of the original game. . In this respect, the creators went even further and indicated that the remake will really involve characters and elements from the side games of the FF7 saga (in this case from the game Dirge of Cerberus). At the same time, at the end of the DLC, they indicated that the second part of the remake will continue where we would expect it to be.

Weaker start, strong finish

The first chapter of the DLC didn't suit me very well: Yuffie alternates between cuteness and annoyance, so it's hard to take her and her mission seriously. Fortunately, the other members of the resistance will add that seriousness, and their reactions will clearly remind us of how much this fight is all about. The environment of the first chapter is already seen as slums from the original game, which are quite boring even from a visual point of view. But both aspects of DLC will change for the better in the second chapter, as Shinry's labs look great and, of course, they also hide some murderous secrets, not to mention a successful pair of negatives. Also, for example, a mini-game with throwing a boomerang seemed annoying to me in the first chapter, but in the second chapter the authors came up with much more interesting challenges. There are also some collectibles or an optional tactical mini-game Fort Condor.

DLC also benefits from an improved version of the game for the new console: especially the ability to play at 60 frames per second and virtually instantaneous (2-3 seconds) recording of a saved position or a new environment. He also uses the haptics in the DualSense driver, but not too much. Anyway, I don't think the DLC itself does anything so special that it can't work for old PS4 consoles. So we can only guess why this add-on is only available on the PS5 (trying to sell an improved version of the game will probably not be, because the owners of the original PS4 remake have an upgrade to the PS5 version for free). In addition, collectors will freeze that DLC is not on the PS5 disc with the game - the package contains only the code to download it. Personally, I admit that I'm slowly getting used to collecting physical game packages in today's world of patches and limited console firmware life.

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