Review of GTA: The Trilogy. If you want to do it this way, you better not do anything

The iconic parts of Grand Theft Auto returned to us in a polished jacket, with amazing and fun gameplay and moments that we all loved in our childhood. Oh, that would be such a beautiful dream, but unfortunately, its true appearance turned into an ugly and haunting nightmare. The work done by the developers will haunt us for a long time to come. If they want to do it this way, they'd rather not do anything!

Rockstar Games is considered a quality studio that does not make bad games. After all, the GTA series has shaped the genre of open city events and is moving it by leaps and bounds with every episode. The Western opus Red Dead Redemption is also elaborate and attracts not only with its quality story and its atmosphere. Not to mention the titles Rockstar oversaw in the form of the LA Noire detective story and the Max Payne series.

But times are changing and often - unfortunately - for the worse. All you have to do is leave a few key people and the solid foundation will turn into a shabby house of cards. It can easily fall apart, for example with the vision of big money for little work. And this is exactly what happened in the case of the final edition of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy reviewed today.

We were looking forward to returning to the gloomy Liberty City, the neon and sunny Vice City, and the gang-dominated San Andreas. We were looking forward to chases with the cops, fun gameplay, stories of renegades, and a great soundtrack. But we got an ugly duckling that injured both legs and is ripe just for defeat!

Sure, given the old originals the remasters peeked through. Higher resolution textures, a new lighting system, better reflections, a nicer sky, more detailed vegetation, and greater rendering of objects in the distance took care of that. At the same time, the old style of graphics has been preserved. We would calmly accept this and take it as an effort to create an old familiar atmosphere, even though some well-known songs are missing. But why do we have to look at the scary and disgusting faces not only of passers-by but also of the main characters of the story? Why are the animations awkward and the people on the streets swaying strangely? This is not what the games of 2021 should look like.

It is with admiration that the Rockstar Games is signed as such as a publisher. He oversaw the work of the American Grove Street Games studio, which also took care of older GTA mobile and console ports. Apparently, the creators took the original code, old assets, and everything around it, and through some automatic process, porting from the proprietary engine to Unreal Engine 4 began. But the resulting quality was no longer observed.

Then they borrowed assets from the fifth Grand Theft Auto to make the environment look denser. They adapted trees, refrigerators, and other things to match the visual palette of the trilogy. You won't really notice it. Instead, you'll notice empty roads and sidewalks, annoying bouncing texture details, and the fact that cars often appear right in front of you. These examples can be beautifully demonstrated that remasters do not use the capabilities of current hardware at all. And that's a real shame, but what we wonder when on the PS5 we have to choose between graphics and frame rate per second. Didn't it really be possible to optimize this for at least 60 FPS in 4K? After all, the new generation of consoles would certainly manage it at 120 FPS. Despite the fact that in both modes the images fall and the differences are not dramatic.

The tooth of time visibly affected not only the graphics but also the size of the individual game worlds, which can not match the modern ones under any circumstances. It is beautiful to see in San Andreas, which is ugly bordered, and in the countryside, you will encounter an ugly empty polygonal desert. When it was decided to remove the fog that eliminated the boundaries of the hardware at the time, they had to be careful about this, along with the rain, which is very common and unnecessarily obstructing the view. Why?!

Vehicle control is also wrong. All cars, motorcycles, and bicycles look awkward, have no de facto physics, and it took us a long time to get used to the controls, which are even worse than in GTA 5. When we were at the last episode, a weapon selection wheel was taken from it. that works well. What no longer works are running. For the new GTA parts, we've come to terms with the fact that we have to press the X button on the controller to run, but at least it works properly there. You will often squeeze it in remasters, you can still be furious, but very often nothing happens. It freezes when you need to take your feet on your shoulders and hide so you don't die. Fortunately, the developers have prepared clues, and a failed mission can be easily restarted, but we can't take that as a possible excuse.

We can hardly look for reasons why this is the case with shootings, which are terrible today and not fun at all. We have already enjoyed driving clumsy cars and performing side tasks, such as taking the injured to the hospital.

Not to mention the twenty-year-old mechanics, which simply don't work today. It is a real pity. At the same time, the story of all three parts could work in 2021. It just wanted to pay more attention to the remasters and not stop somewhere halfway there. Don't get us wrong, GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are still great games today, which, despite all the ills of remasters, managed to entertain us for long hours. At the same time, we remembered our childhood and wondered how difficult this and that mission was and how we had to play it again several times. It didn't happen to us here, the tasks are too simple and we managed the mission with a remote control helicopter on the construction site in Vice City for the first time. Maybe it's a change in control, or simply because we're no longer children.

We can't get rid of the feeling that someone here wanted a lot of money for little music. GTA is a cult and it is clear that more than one player has hit Rockstar. And it will come. Christmas is perfect for this, so watch what you spend money on. This with various bugs and bugs for 1600 CZK does not really cost. If you have originals, you better play them. And we have no idea where Take-Two's promises that remaster want to do otherwise, take care of them and move them with regard to current technologies have gone. In the case of the GTA trilogy with the adjective final edition, it is only one grandmother said…

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