Rivan will land in Europe in early 2022


With an imminent premiere in the US, the famous American electric brand has revealed that its arrival in Europe will arrive with the new year and with the R1T and R1S

At the end of 2020, we began to learn about Rivian's plans for Europe. Plans that even included the arrival in the future of new models more adapted to this market and date that the brand set, at the earliest, in 2022. Now we have a new confirmation that this arrival is getting closer and closer, and that is After a premiere on the Rivian R1T and R1S in the United States that seems imminent, it seems that the next step will be the Old Continent. A landing that we now know is scheduled for early 2022.

Your arrival is near

The specific date of the landing in Europe has been revealed in an e-mail sent by the Customer Service Department of the American company to a user interested in the arrival of Rivian's new range of electric vehicles. It remains to be seen if soon the American company will specify a little more the date and especially markets in which they will begin their journey through the Old Continent, but this confirmation already makes it clear that their landing in this territory is already very close.

R1T and R1S And some new model?

As we learned in the previous news from the hand of the founder and CEO of Rivian, RJ Scaringe, the brand's plan is to offer new models adapted to markets such as Europe or China, beyond the already known Rivian R1T and R1S, models that, due to their size and category, are not usually very common around here. Despite all the fact that this arrival of Rivian is scheduled for only half a year from now, if some new delay does not upset it, it implies that either Rivian surprises us with a new model by the end of the year or they will be his SUV and electric pick-up responsible for introducing the brand in Europe.

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