Roblox gives Apple $1 million a day


Social gaming platform Roblox is the biggest revenue generator for iPhone games in the US, with revenue of $3 million per day. Apple gets 30 percent of that. Roblox is a popular mobile game that allows users to download and participate in experiences. These experiences can vary from small levels or challenges to full game worlds within the Roblox app.

According to data from Finbold, Roblox has established itself as a major source of revenue across mobile platforms. Customers buy an in-app currency called Robux to exchange in-game items or costumes. This simple model prompted players to spend more money in Roblox than any other game during 2021.

As of June, the 10 highest-grossing iPhone games on the App Store were generating $11.2 million per day or $336.2 million per month. And Roblox's share of that is $3 million a day, or $92 million a month and over $1 billion a year. Clash of Clans came in second place in terms of revenue, with $1.8 million. And then Candy Crush Saga for $1.4 million. Total revenue calculated for each game includes the game purchase price and in-app purchases.

Roblox's growing popularity

Roblox recently went public on the stock market and generated $387 million in revenue. For example, this number is a combination of total revenue from Apple's App Store, various Android stores, other digital retailers, and Robux purchased from physical outlets. Thanks to the 30% commission that Apple gets on every in-app purchase made on the platform, Roblox is responsible for about $900,000 per day for the company. And that income alone might be enough for Apple to overlook some flaws in Roblox. Including changing its description of games to experiences to avoid Apple scrutiny.

This success replaces the gap left by the absence of the leading mobile game, Fortnite. And after Epic Games violated the rules of the App Store and removed Apple Fortnite from its platforms. This has left a void in mobile games. It seems that Roblox has taken the title of the most profitable on the iPhone thanks to the social aspects and the in-app purchase system. Roblox is very popular for many reasons such as the huge variety of games available across its platform.

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