Robot snake with extraordinary capabilities to dive into impossible depths


A team of researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University of America has created a snake-shaped robot that can dive into the depths, which allows it to carry out the tasks of inspecting ships, submarines, and underwater infrastructure facilities in the event of any damage. The study team tested the new robot named HUMRS in the laboratory of bio-robotics at the Institute of Robotics at the University last month in a swimming pool, where the robot succeeded in swimming smoothly and easily underwater, and tests proved that it is easy to control and direct.

A robot with extraordinary capabilities and the technology website VizDot Org was reported by researcher Hui Chossett, a specialist in the field of computer science, as saying that the new robot can reach places not preceded by other robots, as it can crawl underwater and traverse narrow and difficult to reach places in the deeps.

The main goal of the robot, says Matt Fisher, a member of the study team, that the goal of developing the new robot is to help the US Department of Defense inspect ships, submarines, and underwater infrastructure facilities during periodic maintenance operations.

There are not many options for the US Navy to inspect ship bottoms and marine vessels, as this issue requires sending a team of divers to the ship’s site or waiting for its return to the port and then taking it out in a dry dock, and all of these options cost money and time.

But the new robot can inspect the hull of the ship at sea, inform the crew immediately of any damage threatening its safety, and send data to the port or naval base in order to take the necessary measures in preparation for the return of the ship.

Fisher said, if we get this information before the ship returns to port, this will save weeks or months of time that might be wasted during the maintenance or repair process, and this, in turn, helps save money.

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