Robots to impersonate spectators in the stands during the Tokyo Olympics

Softbank has arranged the use of Pepper and Spot to replace spectators during the Tokyo Olympics, due to health restrictions due to Covid-19. We are living in new times, and there are already several events that replace the heat of a live fan with screens or robots to alleviate the desolate image of the stands. The Softbank business group has decided to propose a solution to the absence of attendees due to Covid-19: put robots in the stands during the Tokyo Olympics.

This strategy seeks to alleviate the lack of public by encouraging during competitions, according to what is indicated by the organization of the Olympic Games. According to Xataka, the solution could be better received than the faces of fans printed on banners or giant screens showing attendees through video calls.

In this case, Softbank will bet on “Pepper” and “Spot”, two of the most popular products in the Softbank catalog a company that recently sold the Boston Dynamics division to Hyundai so that they can be part of the capacity in stadiums and arenas.

Experienced robotic fans

Both developments have already been tested effectively in sports venues in Japan. With the return of the baseball league, the Hawks team, owned by Softbank, already had these spectators in the stands.

In total, 20 robots made up the troupe to win the local team 4-3. With the return of the fans to the courts, this contribution was gradually put aside.

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