Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser opens his own studio and has given it a peculiar name


GTA screenwriter and Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser introduce his new video game studio: UK-based Absurd Ventures In Games. One of the news that marked us the most in 2020 was the departure of Dan Houser from Rockstar. The legendary GTA writer and co-founder of Rockstar Games put an end to a brilliant career, embarking on his own path within the industry.

After a few months, it seems that we already know the immediate future of Dan Houser. According to the Rockstar Meg account, one of the creators of GTA has decided to open his own video game studio in the UK under a peculiar name.

At the moment not much is known about this study by Dan Houser, who inherits all the bad slob (in a good way) from the creative in his name. This one is called Absurd Ventures In Games, and it will be in charge of developing games for PC and consoles.

If we stick to a company registry, we can see that Absurd Ventures in Games registered its name on June 23, based in the United Kingdom, and a short description: '' development of ready-to-use interactive entertainment and leisure software ''

Dan Houser left Rockstar Games last year, after founding the parent studio with his brother, Sam Houser, in 1998. While his brother remains at Rockstar as president, Dan has decided to try his hand at solo.

The last Rockstar video game Dan Houser participated in was Red Dead Redemption 2, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, in 2018. Meanwhile, the community is still waiting for new details and the official announcement of GTA 6 ... which, at the moment, seems complicated.

If you are curious about Dan Houser's new study, here you can see the first and only details so far. We look forward to seeing the first Absurd Ventures in Games project, which will surely inherit the great quality of GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

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