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Rockstar responds to GTA6 game screen leaked by hackers

Yesterday evening, a user named “teapotuberhacker” posted more than 90 game clips that were suspected to be “GTA 6”. Now, Rockstar tweeted a response.

Rockstar said they recently suffered a cyber intrusion in which hackers illegally accessed and downloaded classified information, including early development videos for the next-gen GTA game.

In this regard, Rockstar said that the incident is not expected to cause any disruption to its online gaming services, nor will it have a long-term impact on its ongoing projects.

Rockstar said it was very disappointing that the details of the next-gen game were shared this way. Rockstar's development of the next generation of GTA games will continue as planned. Rockstar will share new game progress soon, with an official introduction when the game is ready.

Earlier that it was reported that hackers had obtained 90 game clips/clips of "GTA 6", as well as the material and source code of "GTA5" and "GTA6", as well as the beta game of "GTA 6".

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