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RosCosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences propose to establish a new space station

The media office of the RosCosmos Foundation announced that the Foundation's Scientific-Technical Council and the Office of the Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, after their joint meeting, proposed the establishment of a new Russian space station. The office's statement indicates that the two sides will submit their proposal for the establishment of a new Russian space station to the Russian government.

A source in the institution said, the meeting recommended the "Ross Cosmos" Foundation, to submit proposals to the Russian government, regarding the necessity of establishing a new Russian space station "Ross", and continuing to use the Russian sector of the International Space Station, until its completion, as well as on negotiating with the partners of the International Station.

The source indicates that the latest technologies will be used in the construction of the new Russian space station "Ross" because it should help develop new techniques for studying and exploring the moon, preparing for the trip to Mars, and carrying out innovative experiments in space.

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