Roscosmos links its permanence in the ISS to the lifting of US sanctions


The general director of the Russian space corporation, Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin, assured that his country would review its decision to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) when the United States repeals its sanctions against companies in the sector.

Everything is in the hands of the Americans. If they maintain their sanctions against Progress and TSNIImash, the issue of Russia's withdrawal from the ISS will be the problem of our American partners. It will be their full responsibility, Rogozin said on June 7 at the parliamentary hearings held in the lower house.

In December 2020, the White House blacklisted the company Progress, the maker of the Soyuz rockets that carried American astronauts to the ISS, and the TSNIImash institute, whose Space Flight Control Center division ensures safety. of the orbital platform.

Roscosmos warned Washington that its unilateral restrictions endangered the International Space Station.

In April, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced that his country planned to cease its participation in the ISS starting in 2025 because the platform was so outdated and to build its own orbital station.

Construction of the ISS began in 1998, its useful life expired in 2015, but it was extended first to 2020 and then to 2024.

Russia has advanced technologies to build its own inhabited space stations. In 1971, the then Soviet Union put its first Saliut 1 orbital platform into orbit which marked a great milestone in humanity's space age.

Then would come another five stations of the same series. In 1986 he began to build the famous Mir station that was orbiting the Earth for several years until in 2001 it was sunk in the ocean in a controlled operation.

The future Russian space station will have a modular structure and will initially consist of five modules, one of them with large observation windows and WiFi connection to accommodate space tourists.

Sanctions to the microelectronics industry

The Russian corporation Roscosmos cannot launch several satellites because of US sanctions on microelectronics supplies to Russia, said Dmitri Rogozin.

There are spaceships, almost completed, but in one, or two, or three, a specific chip is simply missing that we cannot buy in any way due to sanctions, said Rogozin speaking in the State Duma (Lower House of Parliament Russian).

In this way, he explained why Roscosmos put fewer satellites into orbit than the US despite the fact that the Russian company has enough rockets.

Rogozin said Roscosmos is increasing capacities to produce the missing chips. In the last three years, we increased the production of space microelectronics 2.5 times.

The head of Roscosmos specified that the restrictions imposed must take effect from January 1, 2023, although he expressed concern that Washington considers the possibility of imposing them earlier than initially planned.

He said, we have the information that the package of restrictions that are being considered includes the possibility of advancing the date of their entry into force, that is, they can be introduced already in the current year.

Last year, the United States imposed sanctions on the Progress Space Engineering Center, a maker of Soyuz series rockets, as well as the TSNIImash company, the main scientific research institute of Roscosmos. In May 2019, the Pentagon included Russia in the list of countries with which it is prohibited to cooperate in space launches; The decision will take effect on December 31, 2022.

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