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Rufus 4.1 Released: Lost Functionality Restored and Compatibility Improved

Rufus is a popular open source tool for creating Windows (or other operating system) installation media. The latest official version 4.1 is now available for download from GitHub or the Microsoft Store. It mainly improves the compatibility with Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform compatibility, and restores some previously missing features, such as creating MS-DOS drives with Microsoft binaries.

Rufus 4.1 Release Notes:
  • Addressed issue where increasing timeouts on enumeration queries could freeze on some systems

  • Resume MS-DOS drive creation by downloading binaries from Microsoft

  • Changelog button icon

  • Fix UEFI: NTFS is not compatible with WindowsDev Kit 2023 platform (pbatard/uefi-ntfs#37)

  • Fix more GRUB out of range pointer errors when booting Ubuntu/Fedora in BIOS mode

Improved Compatibility with Windows Dev Kit 2023

Rufus 4.1 includes a number of improvements to its compatibility with the Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform. This includes support for creating bootable USB drives with the Windows 11 ISO image, as well as support for creating UEFI-compatible bootable USB drives.

Restored MS-DOS Drive Creation

Rufus 4.1 also restores the ability to create MS-DOS drives. This was a feature that was removed in Rufus 3.18, but it has now been restored in Rufus 4.1.

New Changelog Button Icon

Rufus 4.1 also includes a new icon for the Changelog button. The new icon is a more visually appealing and easier to identify than the previous icon.

Fixed UEFI: NTFS Incompatibility

Rufus 4.1 also fixes an issue where UEFI: NTFS was not compatible with the Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform. This issue caused Rufus to crash when trying to create a bootable USB drive with an NTFS filesystem.

Fixed GRUB Out of Range Pointer Errors

Rufus 4.1 also fixes a number of GRUB out of range pointer errors that could occur when booting Ubuntu or Fedora in BIOS mode. These errors could cause the operating system to fail to boot.

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