"Rune Factory 5" is released on Steam, a farming and fishing adventure RPG game

"Rune Factory 5" was released on Steam today with an initial price of 304 yuan.

About the game

While living the days of communicating with the residents of the town, talking about love, farming, fishing, gathering, holding weapons, using magic, and embarking on a grand adventure, this is a fantasy RPG full of gameplay elements. People who play for the first time can also immerse themselves in the game quickly, even if they have not played the series, it is worth trying.

◆ Go on an adventure as a member of the security organization Seed!

The protagonist who lost his memory came to Rigbas, a town full of nature, and became a member of the security organization Seed, which protects the town, and embarked on a grand adventure with his companions. The power "rune" maintains the balance between human beings and nature, Rigbas has many strange events related to the rune. What is the dark conspiracy lurking in the peaceful town!?

◆ Fight with your companions!

You can take up to 3 well-connected town residents or monsters that become companions on the adventure. Challenge powerful enemies with methods such as the "Co-op" that cooperates with the town's residents or the new action "Seed Ring"!

◆ Have a happy day with the town residents, and then fall in love and get married!

Grow vegetables and fruits in the fields of Rigbas Town, fish leisurely by the river, and enjoy life in communication with the residents of the town! Finding the right person can not only fall in love, date, and get married, but also give birth to lovely children.

The game supports a Chinese interface and subtitles, and the minimum configuration is GTX 660 Ti graphics card, and the recommended configuration is GTX 1660 Ti graphics card.

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