Russia and China are making terrifying robotic weapons


Russia is cooperating with China to create a terrifying arsenal of robotic weapons that is causing concern around the world, the newspaper Daily Express reported, and the non-profit research and analytical organization, the Center for Naval Analysis (CAN), published a new report in which it indicated that Russia while modernizing its military, prioritizes artificial intelligence.

According to this report, Russian military strategists pay particular attention to creating a so-called informational advantage on the battlefield, and artificial intelligence-enabled technology promises to make it possible to use data available on the battlefield today to protect Russian forces and deny the enemy this advantage.

The report notes that Beijing has become a major partner for Russia in the field of modern technologies in general and artificial intelligence in particular. On the eve of the report's release, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the country had begun producing combat robots that are, horrible, artificial creatures capable of fighting alone.

Speaking about the start of mass production of combat robots, the minister said, there are no longer just experimental samples, but robots that can really be shown in science fiction films when they are able to fight on their own. Shoigu added that the development of weapons of tomorrow is taking place on a large scale.

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