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Russia and Japan are experimenting with growing protein crystals in space

The Japanese Aerospace and Space Studies Agency (JAXA) will continue to conduct experiments on protein crystals growing on the International Space Station in cooperation with the Russian space agency Ross Cosmos until 2024, announced the Vice President of the Japanese Agency, JAXA Hiroshi Sasaki.

He said at the Gagarin International Conference, which is being held in the online system, The Japanese Aerospace Studies Agency is cooperating with the Russian Aerospace Corporation Roscosmos in achieving some joint experiences since the establishment of the International Space Station.

In particular, we have agreed to continue the experiments on growing protein crystals, which began in 2003 aboard the International Space Station, and we hope that the experiments will continue until 2024.

He explained, that the Japanese space agency at the International Space Station has its Kibo experimental model, the first part of which was installed on the station in 2008. In particular, the Japanese astronauts were able to last year to confirm using the experimental model devices that Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria can survive for a long time in the harsh conditions of space outside the space station.

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