Russia decided where to build a Tesla plant, but Tesla did not decide to build a plant in Russia

Recently, the Russian media reported that a Tesla plant would be built in Russia. The enterprise will allegedly be located in Korolev, and this has already been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

However, today Elon Musk said that the decision on the location of the fourth factory of the company has not yet been made.

Tesla has not yet decided on the location of the fourth Gigafactory

This does not mean that the plant will definitely not be built in Russia, but it does indicate that Tesla has alternatives.

Returning to the information of the Russian media, let us pay attention to how the statement of the sources was formulated.

In principle, the decision on the plant in Korolev was made in the Kremlin. This is symbolic. After all, the founder of Tesla is known for his love for Russian astronautics and its history. He repeatedly mentioned the name of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev in his interviews and books. Musk always said that the achievements of Roskosmos would not have been so powerful if the corporation had not stood on the shoulders of titans, among whom he includes Sergei Korolev. One of the halls of the SpaceX corporation bears his name.

Apparently, the Kremlin has decided on a site for the plant in case Tesla really makes a choice in favor of Russia. At the same time, no one said directly that the decision had already been made from the other side.


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