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Russia inventing virtual reality technology to diagnose a mental state

Scientists from Samara Medical University have created the world's first three-dimensional system to diagnose the psychological state with elements of artificial intelligence using virtual reality, and experts called the new system "Psychodiagnostics in VR", which can without Human intervention assesses the psychological state and features of a person and draws a picture of his character on the basis of the data obtained.

The capabilities of this system are supposed to be used in selecting people according to the necessary requirements, as well as in diagnosing the psychological state of workers in responsible and sensitive positions, and the employer can use it once to determine the suitability of the applicant to occupy a particular job.

To work, this system needs a computer and a virtual reality system, where the person undergoing the test puts a helmet on his head or virtual reality glasses, and after 3-4 minutes, the person begins to perceive the visual reality and considers it the real reality, and during the presentation of the scenario in front of the person undergoing the test, the system measures His physical indicators, by which he can judge his psychological qualities.

In general, the program evaluates a person according to dozens of categories, such as "level of self-esteem", "work efficiency", "aggressiveness" and others, and it can also assess reactions under stress, and cognitive abilities, and can determine the psychological state of the person and his personal characteristics.

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