Russia is developing a new type of satellite

Some Russian companies plan to launch special satellites whose mission is to secure the exchange of data between other satellites in Earth orbits.

Nikita Tsaplin, the managing partner of the Russian company RUVDS specializing in the field of cloud services, said, RUVDS is cooperating with the Russian Orbital Express to develop new models of communication satellites and systems to launch these satellites, the first model of these satellites, which is supposed to be launched at the end of next year.

Tsablin pointed out that the new satellites will help create a form of data exchange between other satellites in space through cloud services, and that work on the electronic systems of these satellites began this year and these systems are supposed to undergo pre-flight tests at the end of this year. Early next year, the systems will be tested inside their satellite structures.

For his part, Vitaly Egorov, Director of Communications at Orbital Express, said, the aforementioned project is an experiment that will help identify the difficulties that may affect the field of securing communications in space, and it is an opportunity to find out whether some parties in Russia are interested in this type of service. The cloud services that will be provided by the satellites of the aforementioned project will be launched in 2022, and they will not be sold or used by commercial customers.

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