Russia is repeating a 30-year-old space record

In two and a half years, Russia launched 58 space missiles without accidents, thus repeating the record it set in 1992-1993.

It is reported that the Soyuz-2.1b transport missile, which was successfully launched on April 26, with 36 British OneWeb communications satellites on board, was the 58th launch of space missiles, after the 2018 accident that occurred as a result of the inseparability of the stages of the Soyuz-FG transport missile, which was The manned spacecraft is carrying the Soyuz MS-10, but thanks to the emergency rescue system, Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ofchinin and his American colleague Nick Haig were able to safely land on Earth.

In the past 30 years, Russia successfully launched 27 missiles from Baikonur Space Airport, 19 from Plesetsk Space Airport, 19 from Vostochny Space Airport 5 and from Kourou Space Airport in French Guiana, 8 missiles, and during the mentioned period 17 global launches failed, including 8 (China), 3 ( Iran), 3 (United States), 2 (France), and 1 (New Zealand).

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