Russia launches a variety of satellites into Earth orbits

The Deputy Head of the Department of Astronautics at the Ross Cosmos Foundation, Valery Zaychko, announced that Russia plans to launch a wide range of satellites into Earth orbits, and in a recent press interview, Zaychko said, it is planned that Russia will launch the Meteor satellite. -2.3 This year, and in 2022, two Resurs-P satellites are supposed to be sent to Earth's orbits as well.

According to Zaychko, Next year is also supposed to witness the launch of the first Kondor-FKA satellites dedicated to making three-dimensional maps of the Earth, and in 2023 the second satellite of this type will be launched, and the first Russian Obzor satellite will be launched. -R to Earth's orbits next year.

Zaychko pointed out that Russia is also developing a new generation of Kanopus-VO satellites for remote sensing of the Earth, and that these satellites will be distinguished from the current Kanopus satellites with five times greater frequency ranges.

It should be noted that Russia is developing the Resurs-P satellites that it uses as satellites for monitoring and sensing the Earth from a distance and obtaining multispectral images of various regions of the surface of our planet.

The first of these satellites were launched into Earth orbits in 2013, and then two others were launched in 2014 and 2016.

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