Russia: Pandemic Leads to Record Growth in Dating Site Visitors

Over the year, the number of users of dating sites has grown by 25%, which is an absolute record in recent years.

According to Izvestia, the data of experts of the OneStepDating mobile application showed that after the outbreak of the pandemic, Russians began to "hang" on dating sites twice as long. On average, a user visits the site 5 to 15 times a day.

To date, more than 5 million Russians are looking for their chosen ones through dating sites and services. A year ago, there were 3.8 million men and women. The growth was 25%. According to statistics, half of those who turn to the Internet when looking for a pair are people aged 25–35, over 36 years old - only 10%. Men in their profiles most often indicate sports, cars, and politics among their interests. Women - travel, cooking, and sports.

Olga Sokolova, the partner of the social media analytics agency Digital Guru, confirmed to the publication that all major global online dating services are recording an increase in traffic, which is associated with the coronavirus pandemic. She also added that the revenue of Match Group, which owns the dating service Tinder, grew in the first quarter of this year from $ 544 million to $ 667 million.

Earlier in an interview with FAN, a well-known psychotherapist, sexologist Yevgeny Kulgavchuk told how to properly conduct a dialogue with a potential partner on a dating site, after how long you can agree to a date, and what to fear.

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