Russia reveals some of its plans to explore Venus


In a recent press interview, Rogozin said, the head of the Russian RossCosmos Foundation, Dmitry Rogozin, revealed some of his foundation's future plans in the field of space discoveries, including those related to Venus. The Russian plans set in the framework of the program The discovery of Venus involves bringing samples of this planet's soil to Earth.

According to RT, Rogozin said that contracts have been signed to start work on the Russian Venera-D program dedicated to exploring Venus, and after this project, we will work on another project in the same framework. The second project will be interesting and important in my view as it is related to bringing Samples from Venus to Earth.

And the scientific director of the Space Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lev Zilioni, said in a press interview conducted at the beginning of this March, Russia has started developing vehicles within the framework of the Venera-D project to explore Venus, and contracts are expected to develop these vehicles, and that the milestones of the dedicated program are For this matter, it will become clearer in about two years.

Zilioni indicated at the time that the first phase of the Russian program to study Venus will include sending a vehicle to the planet in 2029.

It should be noted that the Soviet Union had sent a probe to Venus in the 1960s, and the United States, Japan and the European Union took this step as well.

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