Russian scientists are cooperating with their American counterparts in the fields of space soon

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeyev, announced that cooperation between Russian and American scientists in the fields of space research is important and contributes to developing relations between the two countries.

In a recent press interview, Sergeyev said, now, despite the geopolitical difficulties, we and the Americans must continue to cooperate in the areas of space, and this was also emphasized by NASA President Bill Nelson. In the areas of near-Earth space and in the areas of exploration of the Moon and Venus, Russian-American cooperation in the fields of space sciences should provide a guarantee for the development of relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Sergeyev pointed out that, during the Cold War era of the last century, it was the Russian-American cooperation in the fields of science and space that contributed greatly to the easing of relations between the two countries, and among the most prominent experiences that occurred at the time and helped in this matter was the docking experiment of the Soviet Soyuz-19 vehicle. With the American Apollo spacecraft in 1975, as well as some other space and science experiments.

As an example of cooperation between the two countries, I mention cooperation in the field of virology. Last year, the Russian Academy of Sciences signed a special agreement with the American National Academy of Sciences to exchange information about research in this field. We are used to such cooperation and we have many things in which we cooperate with European and American scientists, last year showed us that cooperation and scientific openness contributed to the achievement of many achievements in different countries. I would like to point out in general that international cooperation in the fields of modern science is necessary to conduct successful and effective scientific research.

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