Russian scientists are developing a time capsule to transmit digital data to people’s heirs

A group of Russian developers and programmers aims to develop a time capsule with the aim of transmitting digital data of people to their heirs after their death, through a technology called blockchain in order to design a time capsule that will carry people's digital data and information to heirs and make them available when needed.

The time capsule will allow the secure storage of people's digital data and assets, such as passwords on social networks and keys to Bitcoin wallets, and pass them on to grandchildren or heirs years later.

It is expected that the project will be presented within the activities of Archipelago 2121 in the Russian city of Veliky Novgorod, according to the National Technology Initiative.

For his part, project director Dmitry Izvkov said that at the moment, developers are creating a special site for the service, where users can store the necessary information in the encrypted form provided that it is transferred to specific people after a certain period of time.

The encrypted data will be stored on "SberCloud" cards and copied to other sites when needed. The approximate amount of investment in development within this project is estimated at 3 million rubles.

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