SAIC Feifan R7 will be launched on September 27

The Feifan R7, the first flagship SUV model under the SAIC Feifan brand, will be officially launched on September 27, and the first batch of deliveries will start in late October. 250,000 yuan and above market.

According to reports, the Feifan R7 is equipped with a LUMINAR 1550 nm high-standard laser radar with a farthest detection distance of 500 meters, two Premium 4D imaging radars with a maximum detection distance of 350 meters and a height of detectable objects, and four enhanced versions far Distance point cloud angle radar, 12 ultrasonic radars, 12 8-megapixel cameras, 1 centimeter-level positioning system, and 1 DMS in-vehicle driver status monitoring system. Developed a fully integrated high-end intelligent driving system - RISING PILOT.

In terms of hardware, Feifan R7 is also equipped with NVIDIA Orin X chip, the computing power of a single chip reaches 254TOPS, equipped with a 43-inch wide-format true color triple screen and the world's first mass-produced Huawei Vision Enhancement AR-HUD head-up system to form RISING MAX 3+1 giant screen system, in which the central control screen is a 15.05-inch AMOLED ultra-clear screen, 2.5K high resolution, equipped with 8155 chip, the size of the instrument screen and the co-pilot screen is 10.25 inches and 12.3 inches respectively, and the co-pilot screen can be realized Independent audio and video audition experience.

The new car has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions is equipped with ternary lithium batteries with a capacity of 77 and 90kWh and supports battery swapping. The comprehensive battery life is expected to exceed 600km.

In addition, Feifan R7 adopts a frameless induction electric switch door, which integrates induction electric door opening and electric suction door. At the same time, the front and rear seats are wrapped in NAPPA leather, and the front passenger is independently equipped with electric leg rests and heated floor mats.

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