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SAIC Volkswagen Releases ID. Series Black Screen Problem Technical Solution

SAIC Volkswagen brand official Weibo announced this evening that the company has formulated a corresponding technical solution for the black screen encountered in the use of ID. series vehicles. The measures automatically restore the screen display. If the corresponding method cannot be restored, from now on, the user can choose the nearest authorized dealer for a comprehensive inspection and troubleshooting.

Volkswagen's electric vehicle lineup now covers three different models: the Volkswagen ID.3 compact car, the Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 mid-size SUVs, and the Volkswagen ID.6 full-size SUV.

Dear ID.User,

If your vehicle encounters a black screen during use, don't worry, we have developed corresponding technical solutions.

You can restore the screen display by yourself through the following two measures:

1. Long press the power button in the lower left corner of the display until the central control screen lights up;

2. After locking the car, wait for the car to sleep until the SOS light goes out, then restart the car.

If you need to turn on the air conditioner when the screen is black, you can double-click the max button on the light control panel on the left side of the steering wheel and under the air outlet of the air conditioner.

If the above methods cannot be restored, from now on, you can choose the nearest authorized dealer, and we will conduct a comprehensive inspection and troubleshooting for you.

For more information, you can also call 400-820-11 11 at any time, or contact ID. Partners for consultation.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone! Thank you again for your trust and support to us.

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