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Salt and Sacrifice Launches on Steam and Switch on November 7

The sequel to the popular souls-like game Salt and Sanctuary, Salt and Sacrifice, will be launching on Steam and Switch on November 7, 2023. The game was originally released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Epic Games Store in May 2022.

In Salt and Sacrifice, players take on the role of a Marked Inquisitor, a cursed individual tasked with hunting down and killing mages who have invaded the kingdom. Players will be able to use the flesh, blood, and bones of the mages they slay to forge their own weapons and armor, and they will also be able to master dozens of powerful weapons and rune skills.

The game features a giant maze world to explore, full of scavengers, secrets, traps, and powerful guardians. Players can also team up with other Inquisitors for online co-op or engage in PvP battles.

Salt and Sacrifice is now available to wishlist on Steam. The price of the game has not yet been announced.

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