Samples of a potentially dangerous virus stolen in Ukraine

Ukraine's Attorney General's Office is investigating the case of the theft of samples of a strain of a dangerous virus that was stored in the country's National Center for Microorganisms Strains.

It is the virus that causes Newcastle disease, a contagious avian disease that affects species of domestic and wild birds. It can have serious impacts on the global poultry industry in the event of a pandemic.

Furthermore, it is transmissible to humans. However, the symptoms it causes are mild and, in most cases, do not pose serious health risks.,A former employee of the State Institute for Scientific Control of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms is suspected of misappropriating samples of the virus, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office.

The former employee has appropriated dangerous strains of the virus, which are causative agents of infectious diseases in animals and can spread rapidly on a significant scale regardless of state borders, the message reads.

According to previous information, the woman kept the stolen samples in her home refrigerator and planned to sell them. The vials were seized during a police operation.

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