Samsung Electronics domestic share of sales last year was 16% in Korea

Of Samsung Electronics' global sales last year, domestic sales accounted for 16% and domestic payments of taxes and utilities accounted for 73%. According to the '2021 Sustainability Report' published by Samsung Electronics on the 28th, the amount of taxes paid by Samsung Electronics to the Korean government and other governments last year was 11.1 trillion won, up 14.4% from the previous year (9.7 trillion won). did.

If we look at the proportion of tax and utility bills by region, Korea accounted for 73%, which means that about 8.1 trillion won was paid in taxes last year. The Americas and Europe followed with 14%, Asia 11%, and the other 2%.

The proportion of domestic taxes and utilities fell from 86% in 2018 to 69% in 2019 but rose again to 73% last year. Sales by region last year were highest in the Americas with 78.3 trillion won (33%), followed by European sales with 46 trillion won (19%).

It was followed by 37.8 trillion won (16%) in China, 37.7 trillion won (16%) in sales from Asia and Africa outside of China, and 37 trillion won (16%) in Korea. The number of domestic and overseas employees of Samsung Electronics was 267,937 last year, a decrease of about 40,000 (13.5%) from 2018 (309,630).

In Korea, the number of employees increased from 99,705 to 106,330, but overseas it decreased from 209,925 to 161,607. In addition, Samsung Electronics said that the value of sustainable management created over the past year was 47 trillion won. This includes financial value of 26.4 trillion won in net profit, investor value such as dividends, a social and economic value such as support for partner companies, and environmental value.

In addition, Samsung Electronics included the opinions of MZ generation executives and employees in this sustainability report, saying, "We will reflect the honest opinions and latest trends of young executives and employees who are the future leaders in our sustainability management.

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