Samsung has released a game on the metaverse platform

Samsung launched the "Space Tycoon (Space Tycoon)" game on the metaverse platform Roblox, the game is designed as a virtual playground, and players can use raw materials to make Samsung products. "Space Tycoon" is based on the background that aliens conduct Samsung's new product research in the Samsung laboratory, and is divided into three game areas: the mining area for collecting resources, the store for purchasing game items, and the laboratory for product manufacturing. In the game, players can use the mined resources to manufacture various Samsung products, such as mobile phones and TVs.

At the same time, users can transform these products into gaming tools. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can be turned into a scooter or a bag, the Jet Bot vacuum can be turned into a hoverboard, and the Samsung The Sero TV can be turned into a helicopter.

Jinsoo Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Design Center, said: "To allow users to experience the infinite possibilities of virtual space, Space Tycoon is designed as a playground. At the same time, we want to give Samsung's Gen Z customers a platform where they can use Experience Samsung products like never before."

IT House learned that "Space Tycoon" will be launched in 14 languages ​​including Chinese, and will also add functions for user communication, sharing, and partying in the future. Additionally, Samsung will host the Space Tycoon online event at the YouMake event, which focuses on collecting and coloring Samsung products.

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