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Samsung phones have problems with Android Auto. What's going on?


Several users of Samsung Galaxy phones in a relatively short time began to observe the error that caused the crash of Android Auto. The South Korean giant is already working on the repair, which was confirmed by one of the moderators on the Google forum.

Samsung phones have problems with Android Auto

According to users, Android Auto began to crash in situations where the phone was unlocked. This applies to various Galaxy phones, but other users do not report problems. It is possible that the error is associated with one of the security updates, but it has not been confirmed yet. Most users seem to have problems with the Galaxy S21, including the Plus and Ultra models.

Samsung is already working on a fix that will be implemented in the July security update. We will wait for at least two more weeks for the repair, but the important thing is that Samsung will fix the error. If you also have problems, please let me know in the comments which phone you are using and what latest update you have installed.

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