Samsung to release chips for Tesla's latest autopilot system

Samsung Electronics is reportedly in talks with electric vehicle maker Tesla about chips for next-generation self-driving cars based on a 7nm process technology.

Tesla and Samsung Electronics have been discussing chip design for a long time and exchanging prototypes that will be used in the fourth generation autopilot system (Hardware 4). Sources believe Samsung is likely to sign a contract for the new ICs, as the company is already supplying ICs to Tesla for the current autopilot system (Hardware 3).

Samsung has already mastered the 5nm process but will use the 7nm process to manufacture chips for Tesla to provide higher performance and more stable chips.

It is reported that the production of these products will begin in a couple of months. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during AI Day last month that new hardware for the Cybertruck self-driving system will be released in about a year.

Samsung is currently the second-largest chipmaker in the world after TSMC. Samsung holds 17.3% of the market, while Taiwan's TSMC is far ahead of the company with a whopping 52.9% market share.

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