Satya Nadella is now CEO and president of Microsoft


It is a recognition of the work he has done in the last seven years. Microsoft is undoubtedly a benchmark brand in the world of technology. It was one of the companies that helped democratize the use of computers. But currently, although the division responsible for its operating system is still very successful, the company is involved in other markets such as the cloud and video games. In recent years, its success has been consolidated and, part of those good results are due to the leadership of its CEO Satya Nadella who has now also been appointed chairman of the board, something that had only been achieved by the company's co-founder, Bill Gates.

The joint Microsoft announced that unanimously gave the appointment to the CEO Satya Nadella as president in recognition of the role played in the revitalization of the technology giant. It should be noted that, during its seven-year tenure as CEO, Microsoft has seen strong growth in its Azure cloud computing, productivity, and gaming divisions. And not only that, but Nadella has also overseen several successful acquisitions including Minecraft, LinkedIn, GitHub, and most recently gaming giant ZeniMax.

To confirm the good performance of the executive, suffice it to say that Microsoft is currently the second most valuable company in the world, only behind Apple, registering a market value of more than 1.9 trillion dollars.

"In this role, Nadella will lead the work to set the board's agenda, leveraging his deep understanding of the business to elevate appropriate strategic opportunities and identify key risks and mitigation approaches to review," Microsoft said in its announcement.

According to information from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the company's board has presented the change as a natural extension of Nadella's leadership, and a move that has been informally discussed since late last year. They also shared that as part of this decision, former board chairman John W. Thompson will return to his role as a lead independent director.

It is worth remembering that on February 4, 2014, Microsoft announced that then- Azure boss Satya Nadella would assume the highest position in the company by becoming Chief Executive Officer (CEO). At the time, Steve Ballmer, CEO, retired, and Bill Gates stepped down as president.

Why did Gates leave the board?

It is striking that, despite being one of the largest, perhaps the largest, responsible for the existence of Microsoft, Bill Gates no longer has decision-making power in the company, which apparently goes beyond the businessman's wishes to dedicate his time to philanthropic work and has more to do with his personal life.

Recently, much has been said about Gates' personal life because he is divorcing Melinda Gates and because the Microsoft board asked him to leave the company earlier, due to an alleged affair he had with an employee.

According to information published by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), in May 2021, some of Microsoft's board members concluded that Gates should resign last year as an investigation into an affair he sustained was underway. with an employee.

It should be remembered that Gates resigned from the company's board in March 2020 but, according to the WSJ, it was before the investigation commissioned from a law firm in 2019 was completed after a Microsoft employee alleged in a letter that she had been romantically involved with Gates for many years.

The employee, who was an engineer at the company, is said to have asked Melinda French Gates, who was married to Bill at the time, to read her letter. Although it is unclear if that actually happened. Although a few weeks ago Gates and French Gates announced their separation.

However, a Gates spokesman denied that his resignation from the board was related to the investigation. “There was an affair almost 20 years ago that ended amicably,” the spokesperson told the WSJ, adding that his “decision to leave the board was not related in any way to this matter. In fact, he had expressed interest in spending more time on his philanthropy for several years before. "Still, according to the WSJ, some board members" decided that it was no longer appropriate "for Gates to remain a director of Microsoft as revealed more information on the matter, and Gates resigned before an official decision could be made.

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