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Saudi: The first airport in the world to provide its website with innovative sign language


Mind Rockets Inc leading the field of the development of the means of technology needed to help people deaf and hard of hearing around the world, for its cooperation with the airports of Riyadh to provide a website E - private Airport King Khaled International in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia techniques the language of reference to serve people with disabilities hearing and deaf, to be so the first airport on the level

The scientist applies sign language techniques on the website.

To provide techniques of language reference on its website, cooperated company Airports Riyadh with the work of a team of deaf and hearers B Company MINDS Rockets Arab leading to the level of the world in technology support for the deaf, and winning on many of the awards global and regional in the innovations of specialized technologies support for the Deaf, and maybe developed In addition to that many of the techniques that allow many of the means of communication and social language reference, such as pages Facebook and accounts for Twitter.

On this occasion, through Mr Mahm Dr Darawshe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company Mind Rockets Inc about his happiness with this achievement, saying, ranging estimates of the official to the number of deaf and hard of hearing in Saudi Arabia is between 700 thousand and one million people, and in the homeland of the Arab 13 million people, in addition to 460 million people from around the world, and therefore, it found this cooperation with the airport, King Khalid International in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide its e - tech language of the signal, to be so the first airport in the world provides its mail with this service to help the deaf and hard of hearing from around the world who are suffering. Silently in the understanding of information and access to services on the sites of electronic, like the children of the community, and that because more than 80% of them are using their native mother and is the language of reference for communication instead of the language written that is not mastered by the majority.

He said Mohammed Kilani, Chairman of the Management Company, from through this cooperation also, we deliver a message important, that the Deaf, like the right to access to information and service, and they are part of the society have the right we take into account their needs, and this is part of our religion and our culture should to offer the example of an advanced. To interest different groups of society.

Can visitors site Airport King Khalid International in Riyadh now run this service from by pressing the icon of the deaf on the pain Qa, and then shows a translator Default welcomes visitor's language signal and when the visitor ticked on any text on the site, the compiler default will translate instantly to the language. Signal, which makes the site concept for the deaf language signal Saudi Arabia.

In addition to this, it developed a technique used team works in which deaf side to side with listeners in the development and auditing translator to ensure that people with disabilities party essential in the industry software that serves them.

It is worth mentioning that the applications company MINDS Rockets used in many Arab government websites and from more than 500 thousand users in America, Canada and the world, the Arab has won the company several awards and obtained a confession from the committee's arbitration international several in Dubai and America and South Korea, Switzerland and Jordan. And Bahrain won several awards global and regional of the most important award voting year in Sedstarz in Switzerland, and the best application updated to Facebook at the level of the world and the level of regional in America, and the award of His Highness Sheikh Salem Al - Ali Informatics in Kuwait and award enable people from the Foundation Siemens German. In addition to honouring the company inviting them to attend the talk show with the founder of Facebook and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.

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