Sber smart devices can now confirm the payment with face and voice

SberBank announced the launch of a new convenient function for the SberPortal smart display and SberBox Top TV media center. These devices of the Sber ecosystem now have face and voice confirmation of payment.

Device owners can confirm payments using biometrics, and you can also choose which of the other users will be able to make payments on shared devices.

To set up payment personalization, you need to register your profile and confirm the creation of an account in the Sber Salute mobile application and then set up payment from the linked card. If the device does not recognize the owner of the profile, the order can be paid using a QR code.

The technology was developed by SberDevices, VisionLabs team acted as a technology partner in the field of facial recognition.

The head of SberDevices Konstantin Kruglov explained:

Confirmation of payment by face and voice on Sber devices with a camera is a real know-how for home devices, this is definitely the level of convenience that no smart speaker or ordinary media attachment will give. "

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