SberSvuk launched Waves and personal selections for those who find it difficult to choose


The SberBank team announced the launch of a new useful function of the SberSvuk music service, which is designed to solve two main problems of such services - the difficulty of choosing and the lack of personalization.

As the developers note, a feature called "Waves" is a personalized audio broadcast format that takes "the best of radio and streaming."

In the new section of the application, themed "Waves" for different preferences: novelties and pop-classics of Russian performers "MegaHit", hits of world pop-music of recent years "Euromix", as well as "Native Chanson" for lovers of creativity Mikhail Krug, Alexander Rosenbaum, and Elena Vaengi. You can exclude tracks from selections and add them to the collection.

You can also additionally select non-musical content, which will alternate with the tracks. At the time of the launch of the function, a daily horoscope, a digest, and a line of programs called LifeStyle News about a healthy lifestyle, cosmetology, sports, cinema, museums, restaurants, travel, fashion, and much more are available.

The developers promise in the near future to implement support for voice assistants to turn on "Waves" using the command "Fireworks, catch the Wave in SberSound!" The number of available "Waves" will also expand, a smart recommendation system is planned, and users will create their own content.

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