Scientists discover solar system with planets in a strange rhythm


Astronomers recently found a solar system whereby six planets are suspended in a strange rhythm. The solar system hosts stars that seem to be performing a rhythmic dance as they continue to dance around the orbits. The system is located around a star called TOI-178, which is 200 lightyears away, and could help explain how stars in our solar system are born and how they evolve.

Besides being fixed in an unusual rhythmic order, planets in this solar system are also off the expected course, as per scientists. The orbital motion of the system is in harmony, but the physical properties of all planets vary from planet to planet, which challenges the beliefs of scientists around solar systems. All planets have different densities.

Nathan Hara from the Université de Genève, Switzerland, who was also involved in the study said, it appears there is a planet as dense as the Earth right next to a very fluffy planet with half the density of Neptune. It is not what we are used to.

The solar system gives a sneak peek into the life of planets that are different from the planets in our solar system, researchers claimed in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Out of the six planets part of the solar system, all planets except one move in a rhythmic movement, resembling a dance of sorts. They also have resonant movements, implying that patterns of movement are repeated as they move on the orbit.

The resonance has been recorded before, especially in Jupiter's moons. But TOI-178 stands out for it represents a more complicated chain of resonance.

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