Scientists have found the culprit caused the failure of the first attempt at soil sampling on Mars


NASA scientists have published material describing the possible reason for the failure of the first attempt at sampling soil by the Perseverance rover.

Recall that the other day the rover successfully drilled a small well, the depth of which, as is now reported, was 7 cm, after which the test tube, where the sampled soil was supposed to get, took its place in the bowels of the apparatus. However, later all the sensors showed that the tube was empty.

At the moment, after analyzing the available data, scientists agreed that the reason for the failure is in the breed. Presumably, it turned out to be more free-flowing, which is why the core did not form during the fence, and the rock simply spilled out back to the ground.

According to the entry on the NASA website, Perseverance will not make a second sampling attempt at the same location. Instead, the rover will travel to the South Seit area, where, according to photos from an Ingenuity helicopter, scientists expect to find more suitable sedimentary rocks for sampling.

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