Sea of ​​Thieves attracts for the next season

In June, the pirate Sea of ​​Thieves had its third season, bringing with it one big crossover called A Pirate's Life, which brought a special adventure with the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean.

It was the biggest content update so far, which probably made both fans of this film series and players of the game itself happy.

However, the time is currently approaching when the next season will arrive in the title, which the authors from Rare are beginning to attract with the help of a short teaser.

He revealed the exact date of its release, which is set for September 23, and from the displayed material it can be concluded that this time we will look below the sea level, where new challenges await us.

Along with this season, a new Plunder Pass will also arrive, offering additional cosmetic accessories. Again, a paid and free option will be available.

In addition, those interested can currently take advantage of a 40% discount on Steam.

The game can also be played through the Xbox Game Pass.

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