Security warning for iPhone users in Kuwait

T Cyber ​​Security Department of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior called on iPhone users to apply the necessary updates issued by Apple for their smart devices as soon as possible.

And the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, reported that there is a serious vulnerability that was found in the iMessage service on iPhone phones, which prompted Apple to advise phone users to update their devices immediately.

This came after researchers warned that the Israeli spyware company, NSO Group, had developed a way to control almost any computer, watch, or iPhone made by Apple.

The American company, Apple, had announced the fixing of an information defect that was exploited by the Pegasus program to hack iPhone phones, despite all the precautionary measures taken, in new evidence that no company, no matter how advanced in technology, is immune from espionage practices.

This spying software, developed by the Israeli company NSO was able to hack Apple devices without resorting to links or booby-traps, which is the method usually adopted to carry out activities of this kind.

The flaw was detected last week, thanks to researchers from the Citizen Lab group, who discovered that the iPhone had been hacked by Apple's iMessage chat service. This cybersecurity group affiliated with the University of Toronto reported that Pegasus has been exploiting this flaw since at least February 2021.

And revealed that this problem affects the group of images in Apple, targeting its operating systems for Mac computers, and Watch smartwatches.

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