Sega's Ranch Story Welcome! Life is Beautiful" summer 2023 release

Sega announced today that the latest work in the "Ranch Story" series on the Nintendo Switch platform "Ranch Story Welcome!" "Beautiful Life" has released the latest information. This work is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023, supports simplified Chinese, and is distributed by Sega in Asia.

According to reports, in this work, you will run a small pasture in the mountain village "Forgotten Valley" far away from the metropolis. Surrounded by animals, crops, residents with rich personalities, and new family members, you will spend a different kind of time. life.

It has been about 20 years since the release of "The Beautiful Life of Ranch Story". This remake has a lot of new content: more than 70 new events, and there will be more beautiful memories to add to your new life in "Forgotten Valley". You can choose the gender of the protagonist. In this work, you can choose the gender of the protagonist from "Male", "Female" and "Other". In addition, you can also form a family with a candidate for the marriage of any gender after deepening the bond.

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