Sending a 3D printed giant panda into space

A 3D-printed giant panda model was sent into space with nine commercial satellites aboard the Chinese Long March-6 missile, Tuesday, according to Xinhua.

The 9,026 cm high, carrying the national flag and wearing a spacesuit, was fitted to a satellite camera and is a model jointly created by the Chengdu Research Base of the Giant Panda Breeding Company and Beijing-based SpaceD Technology Company.

As the satellite orbits the earth, the camera will capture images of a panda model with the planet from different locations.

Wu Yongsheng, director of the research base said, researchers and wildlife conservation agencies alone are not enough to save the endangered species.

Bai Rui Xue, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SpaceD, said that the 3D panda model will spread knowledge about space and promote space culture in a completely new way, as well as inspire the public to explore the beauty of space.

In the future, the panda image will be used in space science education and artwork to protect the giant panda, Bai added.

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