Sensor Tower: TikTok attracted more than US$306 million in global gold in August

The Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps (Non-Games) in the World by Revenue
The Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps (Non-Games) in the World by Revenue

Sensor Tower store intelligence data shows that in August 2022, Douyin and overseas versions of TikTok attracted more than 306 million US dollars in the global App Store and Google Play, 1.8 times that of the same period last year, ranking as the global mobile application. (non-gaming) top earner. Among them, about 47.2% of the revenue comes from the Chinese version of Douyin; the US market ranks second, contributing 16.5% of the revenue; the Japanese market ranks third, accounting for 4.2%.

YouTube ranked second on the list with nearly $133 million in revenue, an increase of 31.2% over the same period last year. Among them, 37.2% of the revenue came from the US market, and the Japanese market ranked second, accounting for 19.9%.

The other three apps in the top five are Google One, Tinder, and Disney+.

LINE manga (LINE マンガ) earned more than $54 million in August, up 7% month-on-month. This is thanks to the success of its summer event "Super LINE Manga Time", which offers limited-time free reading, daily updates of in-app manga videos, collaborations with three famous VTubers to read original works, and a gashapon event where readers can win manga coins and overseas travel vouchers and other rich content.

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