Shanghai issued the first provincial-level compliance guidelines for online live broadcast marketing

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision formulated and released the "Shanghai Online Live Marketing Activities Compliance Guidelines", which cover product quality, advertising, unfair competition, consumer rights protection, price specifications, contracts Performance, food safety, intellectual property protection, and other aspects are the first provincial-level guidelines on online live broadcast marketing.

The guidelines provide comprehensive guidance on the outstanding problems in online live broadcast marketing activities, such as breaking the ethical bottom line, fraudulent credit speculation, false propaganda, sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, difficulty in safeguarding consumers' rights, and mandatory terms of "lowest price agreement", among which:

  • The live broadcast marketing platform shall formulate and publicize the management rules for online live broadcast marketing, and establish a blacklist system for anchors ;

  • Operators on the platform shall prominently publicize their business licenses on the homepage of the online store, and shall not sell goods or services that are prohibited by laws and regulations from being produced or sold through live webcasting;

  • The operator of the live broadcast room should strengthen the review and control of the live broadcast selection, live broadcast selling point, and other links, and should not require other operators to sign a "lowest price agreement" or other unreasonable exclusive mandatory terms;

  • The anchor should be at least 16 years old, regulate his own behavior, dress, and language, publish product or service information truthfully, accurately, and comprehensively, and should not unilaterally make promises of refunds and returns beyond the provisions of laws and regulations.

  • Anchor service agencies shall perform the obligations of information security management, commodity quality review, protection of consumer rights and interests, and tax payment in accordance with the law.

  • Goods and services that require advertising review in advance, such as medical care, medicines, medical equipment, pesticides, veterinary drugs, and health food, are not suitable for live broadcast marketing.

The guidelines also pointed out that the "pit fees" and commissions charged for live broadcast marketing activities should be standardized and reasonable, and live broadcast selling points such as "lowest price in the entire network" and "lowest price in history" should not be fabricated.

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